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 PVC Injection Plastic Series :

PVC Injection plastic series can produce shore hardness A45-A95 different hardness, different uses of a variety of color particles, with good fluidity, easy to form, the characteristics of shrinking, mainly used for auto parts, carpet anti-skid mats, gaskets, casters, screwdrivers, shoes, skin suction and so on.
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 PVC Transparent Materials Series:

PVC Transparent Material series has good transparency and gloss, anti-bending strength high, thermal stability time, such as the advantages of production for a variety of festive lights, neon plastic pipes, nuts, audio lines (oxygen-free), goggles, rain boots, hot water bags, suction cups and so on.
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 PVC Hard Material Series:

PVC Hard Material Series with high hardness, stiffness, anti-aging ability and other advantages, mainly used for the production of pipes, pipe materials, elbows, joints, profiles, valves, power switches and other hard products.
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 PVC Leisure Products Series:

PVC Leisure Products series with anti-aging, UV radiation and other advantages, mainly used in the production of special forest cloth, meal mats, curtains, beach chairs, ties.
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