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 PVC wire and cable material series:

PVC wire material is mainly used for the production of various specifications of wire and cable, products conform to GB/T8815-2008 standard, there are J-70, J-90 and other specifications insulating material, sheath and fuel resistance.Which J-70, JR-70, H-70, HR-70 series through CQC certification.
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 PVC Rubber Plastic Series:

PVC Rubber Plastic series with good cold Resistance ( -40℃), anti-oil, anti-acid, anti-aging, mainly used for the production of automotive doors and windows sealing strips, over the trachea, triangular windows, dust sets, motorcycle handles, gaskets and so on.
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 PVC Elastic Material Series:

PVC Elastic Material Series products have matte and fog surface, surface scrub, anti-cold, anti-climate, anti-wear and tear resistance, its advantages of high elasticity, less compression deformation, mainly used for power tools, such as electric tool water pump, computer line, Car wiper strip.
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 PVC Anti-Migration series:

PVC Anti-Migration series is mainly applicable to PVC products and ABS series of plastic contact does not produce chemical reaction.
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